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Welcome to Extream Aerosports

We are happy to bring you closer to the world of Flying Concepts, Philosophy and our Identity- establishing values. Just to know of our world. Xtreme Aero sports …it’s your simple way to achieve your FLYING DREAMS ..................! Where a dream born of love & passion for absolute Freedom and Free Flying to see nature on 3D speculation , Like a bird , that with us it will be dream come to True. With our paragliding equipment online store, we are offering paragliding equipment in UAE for sale.


XAS'  (Xtreme Aero Sports) is the most pioneer combined experience full Services provider company which is provide its Products , related services & facilities in the field of Powered paragliding Sports industry that dealing with best European standards available in the industry .


XAS originally introduced & born with main office in the amazing gloriuous city of DUBAI (united Arab Emirates), and we have started strongly with the most international Market leader brands in market of Paramotoring :


NIRVANA PARAMOTORS -  as The Excusive Dealer of NIRVANA started from 2014 & till date in (United ARab Emirates . And in 2015 in (Cairo, EGYPT) with our serious in business expanssion plans to be mostly covered in (5 branches in whole EGYPT) as well. 


We had successfully covered all of our customers (Pilots) needs & requirements in all of their requirements of customized machines that suitable to their Skills & Beyond.  Even more for all related product acessories, Pilot Life style wear & fashion related to all Pilots needs. Moreover, we have had included several other related brands in to Powered paragliding sports to support all of our customers recent & future needs Not to be only Fun and leisure Pilots But also to approach for the higher level of their skills as (Professional Advance Pilots of Extreme Aerial Sports) such as : (Powered paragliding, ParaglidingSkydiving (new division provider), PPG Trikes (XCITOR Trikes), Power Parachutes (INVINITY) & Micro Light  (will be soon).


With all of our variety of supports that will be provided for all Pilots / Skydivers in all detailed gear requirements including from their Initial requirements stage  (as begginners - till Advance level Skills) - that we deal with:


  • Equipment Sales.
  • After Sales Services & Maintenance. 
  • XAS  Versatile gears
  • Safety gears.
  • Digital  Instruments.
  • Variety of products for  SKYDIVERS (CANOPIES, Harnesses, Altimeters, Suits......)etc
  • MICRO Lite  Planes. (with different accessories & Offers of Fixed wing materials)
  • Flying Fit out (PARAMOTORS Fit Out, PARAGLider Suit "Thermal & Summmer suit" , SKYDIVER Suit, Formation overall, Aerobatic suites, Airwing Suit , Tracking   Suit.....Etc). with our huge versatile brands of Aerial sports fito ut  from best international suppliers & manufacturers.  In addition to strong impact newest  out-of-box rennovated &   customeized designs as per your needs & your Team logos. plans.
  • NIRVANA Special addition Fly Style design (Fly Jakets, Polo Shirts, Boots, Fly pants)
  • Variety of Communication devices (several high performance & even economic offered option devices)
  • Flying  related Accessories:  Smoke systems, Strobe lights , Wind socks, Pylons, Competition strreamer...etc)

***We are simply Supporting all of our New customers, loyal Pilots, into all of their needs status as (Sales of  gears, Technical services,  Related After Sales Services, Equipment maintenance)


XTREME AERO SPORTS  as the Sole DEALER of the following Top Notsch brands of :


  • U-TURN glidrs in ( UAE & EGYPT)
  • GIN gliders  in (UAE  & EGYPT)
  • XCITOR powered paraglide Trike in ( UAE & EGYPT)
  • INFINITY powered parachute Trike in (UAE & EGYPT)


Since XAS  is the most PIONEER (PPG & PG) Aerial Sports Company and service provider in UAE & EGYPT. as well. We assure that all of our customers / Pilots will got the best Aerial sports services & Training Courses with  UK & USAUIA Training syllabus.  


Therefore, SOON we will start our MAIN AIM of facilities (Training courses of New Pilots). to be added to other services,  Accordingly we will be consider ourselves as the Most Pioneer Complete " Xtreme AERIAL Sports - Service Centre & (PPG/ PG) Training Club" in our \designated areas .


We are Simply Support all of our customers  into all their  Flying requireents services. 


Leave the worries to us, Enjoy the fun of flying…

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