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We would like to Welcome you to be within the amazing FAMILY of (NIRVANA SYSTEMS s.r.o. company) – either you are interesting, curious & looking forward for getting the best treatment ever you could ever have from a a sports environment – Here we are introducing the best service for an awesome Extreme Sports (Paramotor/Motor paragliding) that exceeds its friendly spirits influences into whole market standards. Introducing best Paramotor technology, most unique innovative ideas & Best quality ever found within the sports to assure durability & customer continuous satisfaction. In order to let each of our pilots being signified & feel the difference rather than other paramotors in market that you could ever have, Best treatment & supports that starts from NIRVANA SYSTEMS – as manufacturer that extended to reach all over the world through NIRVANA dealers that included our world network of about (50) dealers worldwide – similar to our significant supports within UAE & EGYPT through our “A” dealer (XTREME AERO SPORTS CENTRE).




As the producer of motor-paragliding equipment and the provider of a comprehensive PPG / PG gears, accessories, full Support, information and consultancy service. Sporting successes prove that our continuous development places Nirvana products in terms of safety, reliability and technical support among the world elite. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with this position and we wish to further continue providing maximum flying enjoyment for our supporters. 


Why is our brand in such demand, Domestically and abroad?


It provide all pilot in its market standards features with :

New Aerodynamic design, a Coherent structure, with Most Sophisticated details and new materials that place it as Unique within all paramotors market manufacturers . and signify it even with matching or Compatible with other market copy to NIRVANA products.




Nirvana paramotors are famous for their problem-free running and high level of safety. This is the most important condition for safe flying. The only thing that is left for you to do is to fill with fuel and do not underestimate the pre-flight checks.  The substantial Nirvana design connects good looks and simple maintenance. All that, along with some finely tuned details will ensure you will receive the attention of not only the experts but also the general public


Product Flexability:


Our paramotors are used throughout the world not only by recreational and sports pilots. They are ready to perform a special "missions" - service in the army, the help of the police, traffic monitoring or guard national parks. To create the original design of your paramotor is not problem for us!


And as per NIRVANA understanding of Their customers requirements , Needs & Mostly targeted Budget for being one of PPg poilot with specific dedicated budget .  Nirvana had arranged several cnfigurations  that suitable for each Personal Disres & Best close to your budget plans – If It’s main concern for your choice !!




We have used our long years of experience and successes gained from the competitive racing and then transferred this to the serial production so that our customers / pilots can enjoy the same fun and excitement as the best pilots in the world.




We pay great attention to safety. All models fulfil the strictest safety criteria and has been Tested & Certified  not only according to the European standards in the Czech Republic and DHV, respectively DULV in Germany and have also gone through a series of demanding tests also in Japan and other countries (USA).


Intensive development:


We follow the new trends and intensively develop new products which in many ways dictate the future development of motor paragliding. We cooperate with many designers and our racing team helps with testing of new products prior to the launch into serial production. Nirvana products mutually complement each other from the technical and design point of view. Our products withstand various climate conditions and sea levels.


Perfect service:


Our dealers network ( with over 38 dealers World wide & Increaseing) :  ensures for perfect sales, warranty and after-warranty service. Automatically, the latest information service and immediate help if needed are provided. All of our services are provided with NIRVANA - Family-alike - environment feeling treatment . which are appreciated from all over our satisfied Pilots that signify NIRVANA PARAMOTORS than others in the industry.


You will always find a special friendly pleasant environment and qualified specialists who are prepared to share their personal flying and operation experiences with you and who will help you to choose the complete suitabnle equipment according to your skills & requirements. You will be able to find the whole spectrum of services:


PPG courses, MOT and authorization, first flying, sale of complete equipment and information regarding terrains for flying.

                        Leave the worries to us; enjoy the fun of flying…


NIRVANA  Marked main categories concepts :


Therefore, As per NIRVANA  paramotors it has several products line up with PPG pilots needs as follows:


INSTINCT                   RODEO                    TOP 80      


Nirvana placed its product line up considering the following criteria as follows:

  • POWER  (25 / 27 / 33) HP
  • Weight   ( 23 Kgs /   26 kgs / 29 kgs )  excluding fuel & rescue wing.
  • Budget   (Comfort Line )    &  (HIGH LINE)   


**    As first , The table with differences between Instinct Comfort-Line and High-Line available here (PDF 56 KB).LINK



NS 160

  NS 200   NS 230
Engine   Simonini
Nirvana tunning NS 160
Nirvana tunning NS 200
Nirvana tunning NS 230
Power   23 HP (@ 7,400 rpm)   27 HP (@ 6,800 rpm)   33 HP (@ 7,200 rpm)
Minimum Static Thrust   68 kP   75 kP   85 kP
Ignition   NIRVANA CIR (electronic with pre-ignition and battery charging regulation, microprocessor controlled start/stop button, moto-hour recorder and rpm meter output)
Carburettor   Diaphragm WALBRO WB37
Reduction   Belting 1:2.4 NIRVANA
Exhaust   Tuned NIRVANA
Propeller   Carbon aeroelastic two-blade foldable 125cm with central bolt
Starting Gear   Manual and electrical
Fuel Tank   14 litres, integrated
Body   Self-supporting laminated shell – carbon/Kevlar sandwich
Frame   Aluminium, five-parts reinforced NAP frame, aerodynamic carbon laminated struts, easy and fully dismantle
Harness   Anatomic construction absorbing remaining vibrations, straps AustiAlpin Cobra, underneath container – foldaway and easy to remove
Accessories   Maintenance-free NiCd battery, charged during the flight, socket 16.8 VDC, fuel gauger
Equipment   Padded bag for engine complete with wheels, propeller packs
Weight   27 kg (empty unit without harness)
Recommended Pilot Weight   80–160 kg single (200 kg tandem)
Average Fuel Consumption   3–4.5 litres per hour (influenced by the type of canopy used and the pilot weight)






















The Nirvana light design will lift you off the ground like a breeze even if you will not be able to do it the first time. Such a light and well balanced paramotor will allow you to fly for long hours with the engine turned off which can be easily started later.


Simple packing and easy handling:




With Nirvana, you can be in the air within a few minutes from arriving at the airport. After landing, you can again pack everything into comfortable packaging and simply load it to the car or even better, take a plane to see another part of the world. You never have to leave Nirvana at home, ever.






We all know that looks are not everything, although it does look better if your plane looks more like a Ferrari than a grass mower. The substantial Nirvana design connects good looks and simple maintenance. All that, along with some finely tuned details will ensure you will receive the attention of not only the experts but also the general public.


Nirvana background:




Service-strong company with a network of representatives throughout the world. Concern for customer, ease of access.




Stylish Instinct paramotors are yet another step closer to perfection. The 2012 model line includes a new design of protective stringing - rotary bayonets are replaced with insert strips which are easily inserted into the shell after assembly of the entire frame. The entire structure can be disassembled with a simple press of a button.

The Airbox is another new addition product. It is located at the top of the engine to ensure the best performance of existing solutions, it significantly reduces noise, eliminates freezing of the carburettor in the winter months and reduces the weight of the entire paramotor due to the carbon design. Above all, it looks great…

The 14 litre tank is fitted better and the fuel readout dial is “printed” directly on the wall of the tank – therefore it cannot be mechanically damaged.

Also available is a new lightweight Lexx Light seat. The additional seat adapter for more comfortable seating is another pleasant addition.

INTINCT  =   New Rennovated - Special addition Design , From NATURE (SEA STAR)

                     Evergreen tested under long-term operations around the world in

                     all climatic zones.


  •  NIRVANA  INSTINCT  (Light) NS 160 :

for the light weight pilots , Ladies  who prefer specific power & with Lighter weight is the  main concerns.   

Engine NS 160 assembled from Simonini Mini 2 Plus parts and complemented with Nirvana periphery, along with a Nirvana tuned exhaust in combination with the composite PULSE propeller can handle a pilot of any weight and is even suitable for tandem flying.

Has it in both options             High Line (Full Option)       only


for those pilot with specific needs (recreational, frequent, Tandem (Light), Solo trike & Cross country) pilots.

Engine NS200 assembled from Simonini Mini 2 Plus parts and complemented with Nirvana periphery, along with a Nirvana tuned exhaust in combination with the composite PULSE propeller can handle a pilot of any weight and is even suitable for tandem flying.

 Has it in both options      High Line (Full Option)   &          Comfort Line (Economy)



For those heavy pilots and other Pilots with advance skillful performance who would like to have extreme power force & tons of thrusts for (Advance , Speed, Slalom competitions,  Commercial Tandem, Solo /Tandem trikes competitions , Cross country).  

Its Engine NS230 assembled from Simonini  EVO 2 Plus parts and complemented with Nirvana periphery, along with a Nirvana tuned exhaust in combination with the composite PULSE propeller can handle a pilot of any weight and is even suitable for tandem flying.

Has it in both options         High Line (Full Option)   &        Comfort Line (Economy)


RODEO (Metal  Fixed Frame)

                                                         High performance and reliability

It features with serious High performance & reliability, with Its the most versatile solution for beginners, intermediate & advance pilots who would like to enjoy usual flying fun time with regular powerful engine (27 HP) to weight (25 Kgs) & with Lots of Safe against any beginners mistakes. due to its market highly required features from all pilots (Light weight, Solid Durable & Double frame protects Pilots & Machine from any beginners mistakes). It gave best solution for (Training Schools, frequent Traveler, SOLO & (Light) Tandem trike flight, Cross Country) .

It can use several different Propellers (TWIN Blades prop :  125 , Treble blades: 130 ) carbon & wooden with lots of flexibility to install it all.

Engine NS200 assembled from Simonini Mini2Plus parts and complemented with Nirvana periphery, along with a Nirvana tuned exhaust in combination with the composite PULSE propeller can handle a pilot of any weight and is even suitable for tandem flying. The balanced running and acceleration will surprise you – when combined with a good quality glider it gives excellent fuel consumption. The optional three-blade aeroelastic propeller makes for a fast paramotor.

RODEO =   Evergreen tested under long-term operations around the world in all

                   climatic zones.





The first flights on the modified Parafoil; take off using the tow rope behind the car.


Beginning of parachute production – BIG type. The discovery that flying from the hills is also possible.


Beginning of the first paramotor production – the paramotor was not finished.



Glider style flying.



Foundation of the Nirvana Zlin paragliding club.



Sale and service of Edel parachutes, later also the Wings to Change types.



Trike completed with Jawa 350 engine and later the Trabant.



First motor flight by paramotor.



First own paramotor completed with Konig triple cylinder engine.



The paramotor of light construction with Hirth engine.



Foundation of the company Nirvana paragliding. Production of paramotors.



Serial production of the Nirvana Electric model. First racing season – Czech Republic Championship.



Beginning of the production of the helmet for PPG with integrated communication system.

First success in world competitions (5th place in the World Championship in Spain). Expansion of sales outside the Czech Republic territory. 


Beginning of the Nirvana brand parachutes sales, especially designed for PPG.  



Beginning of the new customer centre in Zlin-Prstne. Registration of the Fly Style clothing and accessories brand. Pavel and Jana have daughter Zuzana.

2005                                         NIRVANA  comes with new PPG wings, Alix and Desire. Rodeo paramotor gets DULV certification. New DVD Okinawa's Wind is released. The Pulse propeller is developed. Full Contact helmet comes to pilots.



The new Flystyle collection. The new patented AGAMA water rescue system is introduced to the market. The Pulse propeller is certificated. 4 points missed out to Pavel Brezina to become European Champion in Spain 2006.



Full Contact II helmet substitutes FC I. New design, new functions. 

New increased production capacity for Pulse propellers.  



New Full Contact III helmet with new PMR radio and great new options. Official entering of Polish PPG market. The Above & Beyond 2008 expedition partership.



Official entering USA PPG market. WAG qualification. Official introduction of paramotor Instinct to the domestic market. Introduction of Nirvana partnership in Germany market. Official introduction of paramotor Instinct in UAE. Partnership with charity flight and world distance record Above & Beyond 2009. New accessories for Nirvana paramotors. Official introduction of paramotor Instinct in Germany market. Czech National champions 2009 in three cattegories. New service center in Slovakia. Nirvana with her partners presenting in Malaysia and Austria. Nirvana Racing team – world champion team 2009. New service center in Germany. Agama saved three lives in 2009 season.



First paramotor and equipment rental in Czech Republic. Certified service centers in the World, equipped with Nirvana Service Stand. Nirvana Racing team won all categories at the Czech Open Championship, Moscow Open and Pyramid Open in RSA. Start of production of Instinct High Line and introduction of new model Instinct Comfort Line. New generation of aeroelastic two and three blade propellers PulseAE also introduced. Nirvana light show took place in USA, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Launch of special heated paragliding gloves HOT-5.

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