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What We Do



 The XTREME AERO SPORTS centre was born during the Dubai 3rd World Championship for Skydiving & Paramotor  2014  of  Loving the sports , Passion to Fly & learn more  & Freedom of Flying

 With over 3  years of combined experience of  being Dealer of NIRVANA PARAMOTOR in GCC area specially within United Arab Emirates &  Ofcourse  for  EGYPT . with the effort of XAS (Xtreme Aero Sports co.) founder – Wally Diab, we have been able to put ourselves among the few Pioneer Paramotors & paragliding clubs, dealers & PPg stores Arabic GCC & in a strong pioneer position, Especially after we shared of our partial NIRVANA TEAM to be the most famous paramotor manufacturer to domain in Beautiful Blue Sky of EGYPT, After being FLY over the mostly Breath taking Monument (THE PYRAMIDS) ,

THE FAMOUS WONDER OF THE WORLD, Now for the first time to be found in Egypt in a public event as one of its New Extreme Aero  Sports that representing by our main Dealership productrs of (NIRVANA paramotors), with the 2nd Dealership for paragliding equipments of (GIN Paragliding & Sky Products). That In Addition to several variety of different related products where you can find all PPG & PG' Pilots equipments & gears that maybe needed it to simply PPUT YOU WING & HELP YOU FLY AWAY. cool 

SO,  Your normal search for the right gears & If you seeking the Perforect performance equipments in whole paramotor industry - As With us - you Search Efforts all of your needs to fly will come to End , with great Smile of satisfaction . we will activate the best thriller of Xtreme Air Sports in both (United Arab Emiarates  &  EGYPT) as well.   

With the most effective priviledge Strong relatioship & serious Continuous Support from side of our Main Dealer "NIRVANA PARAMOTORS"  . they provide us Not only products & accessories . But, Mostly a Unvirsal Family atmosphere in the treatment towards our end users , customers & dealers.  to gain not only buying gears But, also the best ever Flying teatment experience 

Especially after being a certified, registered (NIRVANA PPG) gear & Services supplier .

We will are growing stronger & stable forward steps into being  THE FIRST & MOST DOMAIN  PARAMOTOR  SCHOOL IN EGYPT  with APPI International standards certification (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland) &  as we plan for being of One of the main operating schools in UAE lateron. 

Since  are planning to have one of the main & domain Paragliding schools In Egypt & UAE with 2  Top  Instructors (European & Turkey). thereby maintaining an excellent instructor to student’s ratio. This not only gives you quality training but also highest safety standards.

With our 100% safety record and professional standards of training XAS Centre Pilots  is the only school recognized by the Aeroclub Of EGYPT as an associate member of the EASF  (EGYPTIAN AERO SPORTS FEDERATION).

As being founders and pioneers of PARAMOTIORS In the area of :

(Luxor , Sharm Al-Sheikh & CAIRO - EGYPT) and in (Dubai & RAK - United Arab Emirates). 

And Soon we will be re-activate into opening in the most attractive PARAGLIDING SPOT Training in the following areas:  

(HURGADHA , SHARM AL-Sheikh - EGYPT). & in (DUBAI & RAK - United Arab Emirates).   

In addition to other Aero Club Sports activities  as being  it gives us immense joy and pride that  HURGHADA & SHARM AL-SHEIKH  has today become the new hub of paragliding in EGYPT that  made its place in the paragliding world map.

and Soon we will be re-activate into opening in the most attactive paragliding spot in (United Raab Emirates - Ras Alkhaimah- JAIS mountain). 

Xtreme Aero sports center  has step by step structured plans and programs for pilots of all levels.

Today, Xtreme Aero sports center   will be the Only PARAMOTOR  EGYPT to offer more than biggener training in Paramotors .  But, IUt will be the ONLY  AERO CLUB in EGYPT that will covers both Basic , & Advance Training - available in any part of the world, of the following New sports in civilian /modern professional training courses to assure your best performance & extreme experience aiming to place you into prof. standards & boost your level into Chompetition level. in :



- Micro Light .

- Power paragliding Trike (XCITOR). 

- Powered Prachute trike (INFINITY).  

- GYRO COPTER - Training (AutoGyro). 


WALAA DIAB Xtreme Aero Sports Dubai +971 56 193 7575 Info@XtremeAerosports.com