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Who We Are

Our Philosophy & AIM :

Our AIM...

To continue with high standards of AERO  Club (PARAMOTOR & PARAGLIDING) training and education. To continue being committed to making safe, competent and happy pilots.

To fulfill all pilot needs from quality training to the most advanced level to providing top class equipment.

 conduct club coaching and tuition, advance training clinics, cross country and flying tours to different destinations in India and around the world.

Our Philosophy

To Assure the best Paramotor Quality & Soon the start of our  PPG & PG Training courses and make your fly experience perfect & safe and became to be one of Most Awesome pilots, to awaken ourselves through flying and to renew our human connections with nature.

Our philosophy is to explore life and Explore its simple nature experience through sports.

Conserving tradition whilst embracing the best of modernity and change.

Embodying a perfect harmony of these concepts,  EXTREME AETRO SPORTS – UAE, provides you with  world- class – known Quality of products  (NOTHING LESS) and  support  your Services  with  Professionalism (In Services & After Sales Services ), Embedded  within  grass roots  of family business values -  we believe of concept:

 (Being Owner of  NIRVANA PRODUCTS – is Being One of our Family Members).

In effect, As Extreme Aero Sports – UAE  & EGYPT  newly Exists from 2014, we guaranteed of our following values: 

HonestyBusiness  Integrity and  Mutual trust at the core of all business relationships with a commitment to building intimate bonds, emphasizing the importance of you, The customer.

EXTREME AERO SPORTS has now boasted an array of divisions that function  synonymously  under  the aforementioned qualities including its locally renowned : 

  •  PARAMOTORS  sector.                                                  -      PARAGLIDING  Sector.
  • TRIKE  equipment  facilities .                                      -      DIGI - Sector (Flying  devices) Technology.
  • ALL  PILOTS  Needs  sector - Flying Accessories       -      Fly  Style Sector  with other commodities.

Core Values:

We promise to Maintain and  Excel  in our role as market Quality Leaders in   UAE  & Egypt as well. It is XAS’s  calling to not only exercise our commitment, but to Embrace our interactive nature, Creativity and to fulfill all our promises.

Our passion and drive will aid the growth and development of what we hold dearest;  First & Foremost,   you, our customers, our partners, our company, our country ( EGYPT & UAE) and ourselves.

Working under the sloganGet  things right the first time’,  we assure all clients that XAS  Co.  quality will always meet expectations “.

Mission and Vision:

Our aim is not Following others experiences,  Not to Match  But surpass the unmitigated Excellence of services and Paramotors best Quality and Customer service we have provided over the last years .

We strive to be your First, Best and Natural choice.       NIRVANA - It’s your Way of FREEDOM



NIRVANA RACING TEAM World wide championship : 

From Time and time again the Nirvana team has shown its members have racing, speed and winning in their blood. Members of the Nirvana Racing Team are World Champions in the most prestigious categories. Michel Carnet is the World Champion in PF1 and Petr Matousek in PL1, and Pavel Brezina and Karin Stachova are the World Vice-Champions. 

Tony Gibson (ZAF) , Ryan Shaw (USA) and Michel Carnet (GBR)  reached the  FAI World Records andBenjamin Jordan (CAN) successfully complete the first ever crossing of Canada by PPG. His expedition, Above and Beyond  Canada, earned him a place in The Guinness Book of World Records. Miroslav Oros flew 9132 km in 90 days during his project X-Czech 2011.


Team competitions - results from World and European Championships:


2012 World Championship Spain - 1st place

2011 World Championship didn't take place

2010 European Championship didn't take place

2009 World Championship Czech Republic - 1st place

2008 European Championship Poland - 1st place

2007 World Championship China 2007 - 2nd place

2006 European Championship Spain

2005 World Championship France 2005 - 2nd place

2004 European Championship Portugal - unannounced

2003 World Championship England - 3rd place

2002 European Championship Hungary - 3rd place
















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